New limited edition art series, Alien stencil on vinyl art 12” record buy it online

Your face on vinyl proudly present news of a new series of Alien art stencils to be produced, here you can see previews of the stencil before they have been sprayed. These Alien stencil vinyl art will be sprayed live tonight at a gallery location in East London, all the pieces spray painted will be available for purchase tonight at a special discount in gallery price. Whatever is not sold will be displayed on our online store.

Alien Stencil art on vinyl 12" record stencil cutting progress
Alien Stencil art on vinyl 12″ record stencil cutting progress

I’m very hyped and excited to be creating a new mini series of limited edition art on vinyl stencil art pieces.

Alien Stencil art on vinyl 12" record stencil cutting progress
Alien Stencil progress, each layer is carefully cut by hand before being ready for spray painting, in this example we have made a 7 layer deep stencil for the art on vinyl record.

With results looking so slick and professional it’s no surprise exactly how much work goes into creating these stunning stencil pieces. Here you can see exactly how much cutting is involved in creating one piece of art, this example of an alien stencil contain 7 layers of separately sprayed colour, including the base colour on the art vinyl record itself that’s a total of 8 layers (9 if you count the layer of varnish that goes on top to seal in and protect the artworks)

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