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Because seeing is believing; Your Face on Vinyl is featuring its art gift product  on display in a few locations, stores, lifestyle shops, 12” vinyl record outlets, and so on internationally and worldwide, where you can see the example product before making an online purchase. At our exhibition locations there will also be someone there to explain how the system works. We brief all the people who feature our art vinyl or art canvas gift product in their stores with the information they need so they can answer any questions you the customer might have regarding delivery, order process, how the art is created and so on.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to submit your photographs for stencil art gift portraits at these locations, nor will you be able to pay for your own custom stencil art gift. All money transactions are to be made directly through the Your Face on Vinyl website.

However the locations which feature our art gift product will have a limited number of items in stock from the Your Face on Vinyl brand for sale. These you can purchase directly from the locations. Some stores will have custom line of products available exclusively to them which are priced at the store owner’s discretion; gift art items available for purchase at our featured locations are not available for purchase through the website. Because all our vinyl art pieces are unique in colour and style it will not be possible to buy the exact same art vinyl gift you see in the given location, but you may be able to purchase a similar design at our online store.

REMEMBER: All the lines of art stencil vinyl or canvas are limited editions. Once they are sold out they are gone forever. The art is not machine made and therefore they are not 100% the same. Producing art with a stencil and spray can will give you give you a cool, crisp image, but there will be variations on color and styling.

Your face on vinyl is also interested to find more locations to feature the art gift product so if you have a location to feature the work please contact us by filling out the contact form here, or you can e-mail Your Face on Vinyl direct at info at yourfaceonvinyl dot com. Be sure to replace ‘at’ with the @ sign and ‘dot’ with a dot.

In exchange for featuring our product and arranging sales for your face on vinyl we will offer a percentage commission fee for any sales being made, you must remember to tell the customer to mention your name and store location in order to receive the commission which is sent after the customer has received their own custom art gift and are fully satisfied and the money has cleared. Full details can be obtained by contacting us.

In exchange for promoting our art stencil gift service we will also we will promote your location (shop/store/brand etc.) on our website and through are social media outlets such as our Facebook page. We aim to keep things personal and professional when doing business.

Here is the list of the current locations where it is possible to view your face on vinyl art stencil gift products and also to purchase them.

Bangkok, Thailand, – Sticky Bomb Store – The Mall Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240 – 4th Floor The Mall Bangkapi !!!, Bangkok, Thailand 10240 (click for map link)
Sticky Bomb (S*Bomb) is a retailer and store for graffiti art / spray can products (caps, convertors, spray can accessories, marker pens, inks, mops, and anything else you need to tag up the city streets) they also stock and sell urban street style clothing and apparel. If you need anything graffiti related in Bangkok here is a good place to start. The shop is run by a graffiti artist team who do some very good quality artwork, they are supporters of local Bangkok based graffiti artist and street artist talent and generaly get involved with the street art and graffiti art scene and events in Bangkok, Thailand. They also have their own line of graffiti and stencil art aid products and are definately worth checking out.

Also worth mentioning the main contact at the store Vicky speaks very good English which is great news for international and non-local enquiries about your faceonvinyl stencil art product or about general things regarding the products they stock at the shop (graffiti gear, skateboard accessories, dj equipment, urban collectible toys and a whole lot more!)

Check them out! facebook logo on facebook Phone:  083-840-8310 OPEN DAILY: 10am-9pm

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