Albert Einstein Stencil Street Art Style piece spray paint 12” vinyl record.

Albert Einstein Stencil Street Art Style piece spray paint 12” vinyl record.

Albert Einstein Stencil Art 2013
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Here is the latest order fresh from your face on vinyl labs. It’s a stencil urban style portrait sprayed onto 12” vinyl record. The person who ordered wanted a unique art gift to give his girlfriend for her birthday gift. She happens to love stencil art, music, parties, urban culture and the man in the portrait; Albert Einstein. So a stencil portrait of Albert Einstein on vinyl turned out to be the perfect gift idea. The other request was that it must contain the color ‘pink’, so as you can see the background is a textured UV neon type shocking pink and to keep a nice balance and good contrast the main portrait is sprayed in a grey and dark blue and black tone.

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In this case this will be the only ever vinyl with this design sprayed on it, in order to keep the piece unique and special we destroyed the stencil after the making of this art work so that she would be the only owner of this stencil art piece, signed, sealed and delivered. We can convert any photo into a unique stencil art piece gift and in this case the buyer requested Albert Einstein. As much as we like the result of this stencil art piece we refuse to make any copies available for anyone else, so please do not ask for a re-order of this particular art piece. However we will be making some fresh and original stencil art series for 2013 so please stay tuned to the website for future updates!

What do you think? Does this stencil art portrait do the man justice? Does it look like albert Einstein? Do you like the colors used?

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