A complete photo gallery pictures of stencil art orders made from your photos and custom art ranges completed by your face on vinyl and featuring international artists since 2006.

We continue to improve our professional standards and raise the bar for stencil art excellence. We have evolved from doing single layer stencils to making masterpiece stencil portraits comprised of 8 layers and up, with the addition of our UV Black Light reactive stencil portrait range just to make that art gift present to a family or loved one all the more unique and special! Why not try it out for yourself, Order a custom stencil art portrait as a birthday, wedding, Christmas, graduation or other special occasion gift.

We take orders from all over the world and deliver internationally with express delivery and tracking / insurance options available. Get your first authentic piece of street art made by real artists with real passion. this is not a factory produced item but it’s quality is guaranteed…Every time!

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Are you ready to order?  Click here to start the process by selecting what size canvas or number of vinyl records you would like. Order portrait art from photos now!

This is the portfolio page for all portrait artwork made from photos by your face on vinyl. Here you can see all the orders for custom portraits and limited edition spray paint stencil art on 12” vinyl record series and canvas. The majority of these stencil art piece pictures you can see were created using the same stencil and spray paint technique which is used by street artists such as the infamous ‘Banksy’ but combining a superior bright colour palette they resemble something more of a modern art piece by artists such as Andy Warhol. It makes for one excellent custom portrait art gift at a very affordable price. We can make orders to suit any space, style or colour, so it’s also an ideal way to collect authentic artwork made by real artists to give that authentic unique style to you home decor. Makes a great gift for any occasion! Check out how the order process works by clicking here

In the series are a number of vinyl records which were painted on using spray can paint others which are hand painted without stencils (freestyle). They were all made using high quality premium spray paint brands including; Montana black, Montana gold, Krylon, Montana 94, Montana hardcore spray paints which are both durable and bright in colour tone. They are finished using a strong protective layer of lacquer. You can find out more about the creation technique and process by checking this page

We also specialize in making art portrait from photos and pictures on premium canvas, we have introduced UV reactive black light pigments and spray paint colours to give your custom art portrait that extra level of awesome (UV Black light sold separately). We also have a number of other products we are going to add to the current line of spray paint and stencil based photos to art gift products. So keep a close eye on our Blog page for updates

You can order and purchase art online made 100% to your specifications. Your custom orders are usually confirmed, made and sent to your doorstep within a 2 week time period. We aim to give you the most unique and awesome stencil spray paint art piece so that you can surprise your friends, family and loved ones with the perfect and unique art gift present they are not likely to forget. For further information please refer to the Your face on vinyl FAQ section or if you are ready to place an order for your very own unique art gift made from stencils and your photos please proceed to the buy now section and send us your photos so that we can send you a preview image before we convert it to an amazing stencil on canvas or stencil on 12” vinyl record.

This is a unique service which we have not seen anywhere else and we can deliver internationally to anywhere in the world; fast, safe and insured. If you have any comments, suggestions or requirements that are not shown or mentioned here please e-mail us directly by using the contact us page or e-mail us at info@yourfaceonvinyl.com .

Thank you for viewing our portfolio of stencil art made from your photos. Also check our youtube videos to see the process of how the urban street style stencil art is painted and created. All the art you see is created by the artist Vinni Kiniki (unless otherwise mentioned), you can find more information about the artist by clicking here and visiting his official homepage

We will also be bringing you exclusive vinyl art editions produced by cutting edge urban and street graffiti artists from around the world. So keep this website bookmarked and come back for frequent updates!

Have some more questions about the portrait art from photos product? Check out our FAQ section


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