Our Technique

Here we explain the process of making a perfect stencil art portrait from photos on canvas and vinyl. With videos and pictures, photo guide of our technique.

This video shows the typical process of creating a stencil portrait on vinyl record from the time of customer order, preparing the files for customer approval in digital format, printing and cutting out each individual stencil layer, and ultimately spray painting each separate layer of the stencil art piece portrait. In this example the initial photo that was sent to us needed some adjusting in order to make both faces fit on the vinyl record. As part of our service we prepared some preview files for the customer to approve and upon confirmation sent the files to the printer. This piece required 8 layers of stencil and paint to be spray painted onto the vinyl 12″ record. The end result was finished in a high quality gloss lacquer and then shipped to the customer within a 2 week period in order to make a unique and original Christmas present.

This video show the process of creating a stencil portrait painting on premium canvas, in this case the customer had a specific size in mind they wanted the canvas piece to be. So in order to make the art piece correct we had to build a custom frame for the canvas and design the stencil design to fit within the given size. In this case the size of the canvas is a landscape 1m x 50cm piece. This video shows your face on vinyl artist adjusting the photo file until it is ready to be sent to customer for approval. Once the digital preview and layout of the stencil art canvas was confirmed the layers were separately printed and cut out. The painting process was especially difficult seeing as this canvas portrait needed to contain a hidden layer of UV ink paint which is only visible under black light. This video show you the end result both in normal and under UV Black light to show you the journey the art piece took from the initial source photo that was sent to us to work with. Finally the canvas was lacquered in matte finish and then delivered to the customer.


At your face on vinyl the process we use is unlike any other one-click portrait printing solutions process. The type of photo booth digital canvas art prints where you can have your photos digitally edited in a choice of generic styles; cut out, poster, fashion, art deco, pop art, posterize, xray…

Photo showing stencil art spray paint

Although we do use a computer and specifically photoshop to prepare our stencils for printing ALL the artwork we produce is made up of individual layers of stencils that are all individually printed to desired size of artwork and painstaking hand cut (it is a lengthy process but it’s also impossible to have a machine and computer do what our artists do!). It would be impossible for a machine to process and produce the artwork that our artists make.

A machine cannot use spray cans and therefore cannot get the same level of feeling and precission finish effect on the art work. When you order a custom canvas from other photo booth effects services you are getting nothing more than a one-click image conversion along with a computer printer printing your piece onto canvas, although we have nothing against personal preference and choice of service we want to emphasize that every art work that you order from your face on vinyl is authentically produced art work made by real artists in the typical method of stencilling as used by world famous artists such as the infamous ‘Banksy’.

Our artwork is made by established legal and street artists (certificates of authenticity can be requested) – the art you buy from us is more likely to rise in value, provided you take care of it.

Every art piece portrait created gets the same precision and level of attention as any other art stencil based art work you would find featured in established art galleries. You can also find Your Face on Vinyl artwork exhibited internationally (see our showroom location page for more information* and check our blog* for frequent updates and news stories regarding our artists exhibiting internationally)

We would like to stress that although we make art on a consumer level all artists at your face on vinyl are professional grade! Most have over 10 years experience exhibiting in galleries and working in art and design, we only employ professionals.

We decided that art should be available to everyone on a custom and affordable level!

The process explained

If you cannot watch the process videos then the below description will talk you through the design and painting process of the custom stencil portrait art work.

Image showing stencil art from photo process


Making your photo into a stencil is a complex process. It can be even more difficult when the submitted image is in need of a lot of digital manipulation. The image preview we send you is important inner dimensions of the art piece. The colour scale should just be considered a rough guide. If you are not happy with the image at this stage we can tweak it until it suits your needs. Some of our customers give us complete control of the design process. We have not disappointed anyone yet.

printer printing out stencils photo stencil cutting progress


This part of the process relies heavily on experience, the skill of cutting a good stencil is one you can only learn by trial and error. Inexperienced stencil cutters can leave out a lot of the details within you photo.  Some customers ask to cut out some details (such as warts etc.) or sometimes the photos benefit from slight digital manipulation to fit the dimensions of your art piece. We make sure all of it is approved before we print out the stencils and cut them out.

Photo showing a stencil in progress


Each layer must be carefully sprayed, using high quality spray paints and blending colours in a specific order is essential to completing the perfect stencil.


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